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Raza's Bio


Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Music Producer, Recording/Sound Engg

California based Raza is a serious musician - a singer, songwriter, composer and music producer - and is one of the most popular and sought after pop/R’n’B/soul artists to come out of Karachi. His single ‘Touch That Body' is an excellent example of his talent. This is a dance song fused with bollywood style. Among many talents he also is a video director and producer, a photographer, and a graphic designer.

Raza was born in Karachi , March 1. As a young child he used to sing his favorite songs and hymns. Around the age of four Raza improvised the Cameroon, Africa song Makossa by Manu Dibango, and wrote a new melody, lyrics and even scatted doing all this instantly while recording on a cassette player. The recording still exists and is a part of the family record.
At 12 years old Raza’s love for music led him to plan his career to be an artist, songwriter, composer and music producer. He began writing songs and making music in 1982 with a gigantic dream and a boatload of ambition. His early childhood memories come from the city of London, UK where he lived with his family and was influenced by many international musical acts. His father was an Airline Engineer and was sent, family and all, to the UK. After several years, Raza’s father was transferred back to Karachi along with the family. As a child, Raza was full of exuberant energy and interested in many things: he was excellent in mathematics and science and an awesome cricket player. He loved cricket as much as music. As the captain of his cricket team at 10-11 years old he drew complicated fielding diagrams for their practice and matches. He also loved to create things and when he learned about science and mathematics, he created his own Physics theory and worked for hours solving problems himself without any tutoring.
Raza says: “If I was not a musician I would have been a scientist and worked on creating new inventions for the betterment of mankind”.
Raza learned music by ear and improvisation. He was mostly influenced by his favorite artists, who he considers his best teachers, including Michael Jackson, George Michael, The Bee Gees, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Dr. Dre and many more. He learned how to write, record, produce, and master music fully independent of any formal training. Now he has added video and photography to his impressive self-learned repertoire of abilities and talents.
Raza: “I believe a true artist would have their own style of music rather than follow any other successful artist.”

In 1988 Raza started a band, The Lasers (www.lasersmusic.us), with his brother, Zia, and cousin, Ali. The Lasers released three albums and had several #1 Top 10 hits, making it all the way to becoming one of the mainstream artists in Pakistan. After the Lasers’ breakup in 1998, Raza kept on making new songs and recording. Then he started to perform solo in 2000 as a cover song artist as well as performing his own songs. In 2003 he went to Singapore to perform at various clubs. Soon after in 2004 Raza sent demos to US companies, and was signed by a management company in New York. In 2005 he performed in St. Petersburg, Russia at the Eastern European Music Convention. In Feb 2006, Raza was sponsored by his management company for his visa to fly to US as an artist and perform his three hit tracks ‘Hey Hey!’, ‘Come On’ and ‘Funky Day’ in Las Vegas at The Ballroom on the Strip. In 2006 he also performed a show in Manhattan following local shows in Ann Arbor, MI.

In Aug 2006 he released his first solo album titled ‘Are You Ready?’ The album included 9 tracks including his hit from Lasers album ‘Hey Hey!’. In 2008 he formed a music publishing and production company ‘Angel Blue Music’ and started working on producing songs and videos. His first single with the label was ‘Loose Control,’ a flirtatious, catchy club song released in Oct 2008, followed by ‘Kiss,’ a sexy Christmas love song, released in Dec 2008. In 2009, two days after Michael Jackson’s death, Raza was deeply saddened and moved so he wrote and produce a song, ‘A Prayer For Michael Jackson,’ as a tribute, which was posted on Michael Jackson's Official Myspace Blog. The song was a highly anticipated debut single among his fans, and caught the attention of thousands of listeners online. The Michael Jackson Memorial Website acknowledged this song and wrote a letter expressing their gratitude and for a soulful composition.
Other performances include live at the Crim @ Flint, MI on Sept 17, 2010, People's Arts Festival @ Detroit Michigan Sept 18, 2010, Jazz On The Ave @ Detroit MI Aug 3, 2013, Arts Festival @ Flint MI Aug 2014, Online TV performance on Artists In Action @ U Detroit Cafe, Detroit MI July 12, 2013, Public TV Netherlands 2012.

Raza's singles include 'The Universal Dream' 2010, 'I Wanna Be There' 2013 an environmental awareness song, Mahiya 2010, Get You On The Floor 2014, Touch That Body 2015. His latest single 'This Christmas' is his latest single released in December 2015.
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Raza: “I believe a true artist would have their own style of music rather than follow any other successful artist.”

About the 'Lasers'

Raza kick-started his career in 1988 forming a band called LASERS with his younger brother Zia on keys & vocals, Raza on guitar and vocals and cousin Ali on bass and backing vocals. The band performed several shows, some to mention are Karachi Gymkhana, The British Council Karachi, Pakistan American Cultural Center.
see Lasers Magazine Article pdf 1988

As the band leader, performer, guitarist, songwriter, and music producer/recording engineer, Raza performed numerous concerts and shows including live TV performances. The band released three, one after the other, hit albums.

Music and dance has been a passion for Raza. He started dancing at the age of 6 and playing the keyboards at the age of 12. Right away he started writing melodies on his keyboard and used poems from various authors. Not long after that he started penning his own poems and song lyrics. At 15 years old he started playing the guitar. After forming the ‘Lasers’, Raza and Zia started covering songs, playing mostly Pop/Rock, and performed many gigs across Karachi, Pakistan, including Karachi Gymkhana, The American Cultural Center, The British Council, Alliance Francaise de Karachi, KMC Complex and many other venues.

In 1991, Lasers signed a deal with Shalimar Recording Company Pvt Ltd, a major label in Pakistan, and released their first album titled ‘KHAWB’ in 1992, having four singles ‘Ye Batein,’ ‘Jeena,’ ‘Ye hai Pakistan’ and ‘Khawb’ all hitting the top 10 charts. In 1995 the Lasers released their 2nd album titled HEY HEY! which sold across the borders selling millions of copies. ‘Hey Hey!’ sold even more than the previous album. The song ‘Hey Hey!’ itself received huge recognition and reached the top 10 position in the charts. After performing various concerts and interviews on radio and TV, another LASERS album hit the charts: Tera Dopatta Peela video | Live Performance in 1997. The album became a smash hit, with six top 10 hits. The Lasers reached the height of success and became one of the top bands. The Lasers performed many huge concerts, TV and radio interviews with performances between the years 1997-1998. During this period Raza produced and composed music for various TV production companies. One of the songs from this album, Must Qalandar Lal Qalandar Jeevay Pakistanwas signed up by The Honda company for their advertisement promotion on TV. Around early 1998 the two brothers split and went their separate ways.

Raza as Solo Artist

After the Lasers took a break from music in 1998, Raza didn’t stop writing and producing; he kept on making new songs and recording, but didn’t release any new material. He started performing solo in 2000 covering other artists and performing his songs. In 2003 he went to Singapore and performed at various clubs. He started sending his demo songs abroad, and finally in 2005 he was signed by a management company in  New York . In 2005 he performed in St. Petersburg, Russia at the Eastern European Music Convention.
see EEMC Magazine pdf.

Appeared in an Australian A & R Magazine (see on pdf). In Feb 2006, Raza flew to the USA and performed his three hit tracks ‘Hey Hey!’, ‘Come On’ and ‘Funky Day’ (watch video) in Las Vegas at The Ballroom on the strip. Later in 2006 Raza performed a show in Manhattan and various other shows in Michigan.

In Aug 2006 he released his first solo album titled Are You Ready?The album includes his hit track ‘Hey Hey!’ In 2008 he formed a music publishing company Angel Blue Musicand started working on the releasing and promoting of his singles including Loose Controlwhich was released in Oct 2008,  and ‘Kiss’ which was released in Dec 2008.  ‘Loose Control’ is a catchy, trendy and flirtatious club song., while Kiss is a Christmas love song.

In 2009 when Michael Jackson died, Raza wrote and produced a song as a tribute, which was released by his label Angel Blue Music. The song is titled A Prayer For Michael Jackson and is one of the anticipated debut single that caught attention of thousands of listeners online. The song was posted on Michael Jackson's Official myspace by MJ's team, and Raza received an appreciation and a thank you note from MJ's team.
The song says it all about what Raza had felt about Michael Jackson. Some of Raza’s inspirations and influcences come from his favorite artists including Michael Jackson, George Michael, Bryan Adams among others.

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updated Sept 26, 2011